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For who?

Whether you are a beginner, advanced or professional, you will find courses that will allow you to evolve in your art.

What is it?

Video training given by professional teachers

From theory, projects, exercises, documentation.

Everything to become an independent artist.

Our online courses

Online courses in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.

"A word on your videos, I became addicted. Very well done, easy to understand. Just WOW! I can not wait to see the others."

Chantal Landry
Art's 2.0 member

"Site to see, the videos in lines are superb, not too long and well verbalized, I love. well done"

Nicole Ferland-Ainslie
Art's 2.0 member

"I really like this training. I'm always looking forward to the next video."

Monick Desjardins
Art's 2.0 member

"The training of Mimi Vezina is very well mounted, easy to follow and fun to perform."

Lucy Monty
Art's 2.0 member

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Our mission

We offer painting classes that will allow you to progress at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. Make art accessible for everyone, whether you are an amateur, painter or collector.

The art world is vast and we want each and every one of you to be able to appreciate and recognize a work of art for both amateur and professional painters, because from their first steps all the artists started from the same way... with their hearts and a few pencil bits.

We want to help artists in their artistic process to find their own essence.


By giving them all the tools that will help them build, create stronger, hassle free tables. With a good foundation, each of you will be able to let go of his creativity and will be able to spread their wings! A bit like an architect or a carpenter who knows how to use his tools to create on solid and durable foundations!

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